Finally, the wait is over! Android 10 is here and it came with a whole lot of new features and improvements. From privacy improvements down to UI tweaks, Android 10 might be one of the most exciting Android releases since 8.0 but its currently available for Pixel phones only but we believe that an upgrade for more Android devices by the end of the year, So don’t worry guys it’s gonna be available for everyone pretty soon.

So here’s the top Android 10 features you should try out once you upgrade to the new operating system from Google


This is the most anticipated feature on Android 10 but this feature has been available since Android 8.0 which only themed the top most part of the notification drawer. It was further improved on Android Pie but it wasn’t to everyone’s taste but in Android 10 it’s a system wide thing which means that it darkens every part of the system UI including your apps but app developers must update their apps in order to support the dark mode. Even Apple have implemented this mode on their upcoming iOS update (iOS 13), dark mode can be easier on the eyes at night and you set it to switch on automatically at night.


On Android 8.0 and later, Google released an app called reply which offered reply suggestions on the notification shade once you receive a message. On Android 10, the new feature is now integrated in the system, this feature will be able to predict your next reply and also what you should do next like when someone send you a message with an address, Smart Reply will offer a link to Google maps to locate the address. It’s a useful feature which can help you out on the go.


This feature is particularly useful for those with hearing disabilities. It uses on- device speech recognition to automatically add captions to any video played on the screen including video calls. It works offline tooJustin Diuno from


Gesture navigation is the biggest user-facing change coming with Android 10. This addition comes after several Android manufacturers (OEMs) attempted to add variations of Apple’s gestures and failed.

Now, instead of Android’s default three- or two-button navigation system, there’s a gesture bar. Surprisingly, Google somewhat copied Apple, as most of the controls are very similar. A quick swipe up will take you home, a swipe and hold will open the Recents menu, and a long swipe from the home screen opens the app drawer.

But what about the Back button? Don’t fret; the back gesture is now available by swiping inward from either side of the display. As you can see from the image below, an arrow icon will appear as you swipe to indicate the action.

The Google Assistant also received a new gesture. Swipe diagonally towards the middle of the display from either of the bottom two corners, and then a short animation will appear on the bottom of the device. Shortly after, the virtual assistant will be ready to go.

If you own a Pixel or Essential Phone, you can change the navigation style by going to Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation. Here, you can switch between the new “Gesture navigation,” “2-button navigation,” which was the default in Android 9 Pie, and the classic “3-button navigation.”

OEMs will likely change what navigation options are available on its handsets. Consult your device’s settings menu to find out what choices you have once Android 10 becomes available for it. (Justin Diuno from


Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing has been around since Android Pie, it is Google’s answer to Screen Time from Apple. The main purpose of this app is to help users reduce their screen time usage and focus on other things like reading or outdoor sports like football.

With Android 10, Digital Wellbeing got better with a new feature called focus mode. This mode when enabled pauses the usage of an app, it can be set automatically to work at a particular time of the day and there’s also the winding down feature which puts the phone screen into greyscale as the night progresses.

So there you have it, these are some of the best features on Android 10 and there are also other improvements such as privacy improvements where you can grant permission to an app only once for it to carry out it’s task and then the OS automatically denies it access to your location once the app has finished up it job. Android 10 is a great update and please don’t forget to share with us your experiences on Android 10.

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