Hansei (反省, “self-reflection”) is a central idea in Japanese culture, meaning to acknowledge one’s own mistake and to pledge improvement.

Steve went out of his way to do something special here. He rarely uses much editing but at the same time he produces spectacular photos and he also tells us what inspires him and they tell a story . He says

All my works are biographical in the sense that i try to express my emotions through my work. This serie was inspired to by Helga s pictures.

The Helga Pictures are a series of more than 240 paintings and drawings of German model Helga Testorf (born c. 1933[1][2] or c. 1939[3][4]) created by Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009) between 1971 and 1985.

Steve is definitely one of the few that can express their feelings through art and it’s really great working with him.

You can follow Steve on Instagram @@steve_dean_mendes

Model @eleanor.molko
Muah @saarmariamua_

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