(A chapter from Tales of Intimacy by Angelika Kollin)

Delicate pathways of inter-human connection,
dainty tracery of threads
meeting to weave a fated pattern,
to fill the blankness
with ornamental, intricate filigree.
endless breathing space
In remembering ONE.

What is intimacy?
What are we seeking in it, how do we find it?
If I remove sexual connotation, most of us attach to this word, what does it mean to me in its core, barren form?

What I understand under True, Deep intimacy and what I ultimately give to the people I photograph, is my undivided presence. My Being. My gift of Seeing their Being. Seeing without judgment, without critique, without any expectations, solely acknowledging the presence of beauty and life in front of me. Paying my homage to Light. Honoring the Divine.

When we allow other people to see us, without our story and imagined flows, we heal. We receive the most precious gift.

We just love Angelika’s Poems and intimate shots here at Shake. She’s really wonderful and inspiring.

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