Stories from the underworld

Persephone’s dream of spring

Heedful of limitations,

freedom from interference
a backdrop
to her own ineludible ordeal,

landscapes of underworld
she regally and stately roams.

a maiden, a woman, a crone
minder of
the imperfect, the broken, the dead

watching their
dance of the wounded souls
she dreams of spring ahead

These are the lines that describes today’s series from Angelika Kollins. It describes a theme that has always been part of Africa that is rituals but the sangoma (witch doctor) sets out to perform rituals in order to cleanse the land

Angelika has taken this up a notch which really shows how good she really is. She goes further by saying

One has to understand and accept shadows in order to find light. Healing and blossoming comes from first letting go, go baren, fearlessly look at yourself and allow the world to see you AS you ARE. Naked. Stripped of roles, masks, possessions.

Love and new beginning awaits you at this point of your journey

These are really remarkable shots from Angelika. To view more click here

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