Zuzu Valla an artist and photographer from Slovakia decided to share her new series with us and she calls this one natalie. According to Zuzu this is her favorite work so far and that she was pleased to share it with us.

Her name is Natalie, she live in Czech Republic near my family. I met her and her mum last year where we were working on the campaign for award winning Atelier LUZ Slovakia(they make clothes)
This year Natalie came to England for London Fashion week. Before she went to London for all castings and model’s works, she stayed a few days with us in Ashford.
In one of those days when we were relaxing, having trips and nice meals, we did this photoshoot.

Natalie is a 17 year old young lady, full of energy and ambitions, is nice to be around her.

You can follow Zuzu on instagram @Zuzu.valla

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